PDS Management Board

Because a 20-member board could provide an unwieldy relationship with a professional staff, KRS Chapter 147 provides for a significantly smaller group to provide that day-to-day direction and oversight. The PDS Council appoints seven members to staggered two-year terms on the PDS Management Board.


According to KRS Chapter 147, the PDS Management Board’s most important responsibilities include:

  • preparing and assisting in the implementation of the comprehensive plan;
  • hiring the executive director;
  • preparing, publishing, and distributing reports and other materials relating to its responsibilities;
  • preparing and submitting an annual work program and budget to the PDS Council; and
  • exercising general supervision for the administration of its affairs.

The PDS Management Board meets at 5:15 PM on the third Thursday of each month in the Commission Chambers of the Kenton County Government Center in Covington. Check the calendar for specific dates as meetings are subject to change.

2021 Meeting Schedule

Bylaws (amended August 19, 2021)

Current Members

Current members of the PDS Management Board (and end of their two-year terms) are as follows:

  • Commissioner Michelle Williams (2022) - Covington
  • Commissioner Joe Nienaber : Chair (2022) - Kenton County
  • Mayor Paul Meier : Treasurer (2022) - Crestview Hills
  • Councilman Greg Pohlgeers (2022) - Fort Mitchell
  • Councilman Gary Meyer (2023) - Erlanger
  • Mayor Chris Reinersman : Vice-Chair (2023) - Independence
  • Councilman Bernie Wessels (2023) - Fort Wright